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Hearst Media China Appoint New Editorial Director of ELLEMEN

Today, Hearst Media China and Zhejiang Ruishi Publishing jointly announced the appointment of Assange Zhou as Editorial Director of ELLEMEN. Assange will be based in Shanghai and will report to Ma Ling, General Manager of Male pool lifestyle. He will be appointed on April 15, 2018.
Since its launch 7 years ago, ELLEMEN has been steadfast in being a fashion magazine that properly presents its stories. The essence of ELLEMEN, matched by its vivid outer appearance, allowed the publication to be the first to launch a MOOK edition, as well as a supplementary edition called COOLIFE. Furthermore, it was also the first media outlet to use VR technology on its cover page. “Revolutionary technology coupled with the emergence of a new type of consumption has given infinite potential to China's media market. ELLEMEN’s two recently released short video IPs were also great successes. In the future, we will utilize our full range of media capabilities to become the most influential men’s media in China,”  commented Ms. Ma when asked about ELLEMEN’s future direction.
Assange owes his vast experiences and achievements to his many fulfilling years in the fashion industry as well as in new media. Joining Hearst Media China as the Chief Editor for new media in April 2017, Assange made changes to new media content and amassed young fashion followers with “vernacular movement”. Beginning in 2008, he worked at Sohu News where, over the course of his service with the company, he was involved in reporting on major domestic events such as the Wenchuan Earthquake and the Xinhai Centennial. In 2012, he joined Bloomberg Businessweek as Editor in Chief, becoming involved with the creation of a mobile version of the site, which would eventually become “iBloomberg” and win the Apple Store Design Award that same year. In 2015, he joined Cosmopolitan as the Content Director for new media, also becoming their new media Editor-in-Chief. Under his leadership, the magazine’s official WeChat account was revamped, garnering more than a million subscribers in six months, enabling Cosmopolitan to join the ranks with the top three new media sites, with far-reaching impact. Advertisers promptly switched from the traditional advertising market to social media.
“I was probably the first Editorial Director to have moved from new media to a magazine. In the modern era, I was essentially swimming against the current. But new media apparently had an over-compensating impact on traditional media, creating a level of superficiality. I hope to be able to reassess certain aesthetic views that enable us to tell interesting stories, especially as Millennials take center stage,” said Mr. Assange.
ELLEMEN’s current Editorial Director Mr. Li Baojian resigned to seek personal professional development, and will serve until April 15, 2018. During the interim, Mr. Li will continue to lead the editorial team to ensure a smooth handover. Moreover, Mr. Li's work on Car and Driver will be taken over by executive editor Mr. Zhang Liwei.
“We highly appreciate Mr. Li’s outstanding efforts and contributions over the past few years. He has built ELLEMEN to become an absolute leader in the men's fashion market. I strongly believe that with his position, Mr. Assange will continue to lead the team to great heights, particularly catering to younger generations and with regard to digitization,” said Yvonne Wang, President of Hearst Media China.


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