1923 2017-07-19 13:38

The Word's First Water Man Acts in G-Active Cool Ad


Gatorade’s brand G-Active has recently published an ad-Water Made Active, and the figure is totally made from 100% water.

What if your water was as active as you? Would you move with it? With new G Active by Gatorade, you get water plus electrolytes to help replace what you lose in exercise and helping keep you moving. The whole ad has no storylines but absolutely amazing with stunning moments of the water figure and Motive BGM.
You must wonder how to make such an impressive spot. Unit9 is the production company. Unit9 director Cole Paviour and cinematographer James Medcraft combine motion capture, motion control, and a unique multi-plane liquid printer to create the planet’s first animated liquid human all in camera.

James Medcraft said : “Over the course of six months working with Unit9, Machine Shop, Arri Rental and Mark Roberts Motion Control we developed a stop-motion 3D liquid printer that took motion capture data of a human and printed it life size frame by frame.
“The 3D liquid prints frames were captured using high speed sync flash on the Arri Alexa 65 and Milo Motion control, a technical world first.
“In five shoot days and 11 days in the studio we created a life-sized animated human, created entirely from liquid that moves and interacts with physical space like a real human.”


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