1195 2017-07-20 19:34

McDonald's Debuts Three Heart-Melting Spots


Human beings are naturally social animals, they spend 80% of time to handle the problems between relationships. Lovers, families and friends are the three basic relationships we have, if there’s some alienating people involved in the relationship, that may bring some trouble of imbalances indeed. McDonald’s Paris has recently debuted three ads which are trying to help in that problem.

McDonald's "Grand-Père"


McDonald's "Les Amis"


McDONALD'S "La Porte"

 The three ads separately tell the stories of the silvers’ romance, brotherhood and parent-kid, McDonald’s food has played a significant role in solving the subtle relationships. In these ads, hamburgers and sundae are not only food, but a carrier of emotion for love. It’s a smart way for McDonald’s to arise resonance by its food, as food is really good at connecting people under any circumstances.


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