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3230 2017-07-22 20:05

A Rooster Leads the Role in KFC 's New Ad


KFC has recently debut a new ad with the lead role of a rooster instead of its founder Colonel.


A handsome and stunning rooster, huh? It’s also a gorgeous dancer with the cool 90s rap music.
 KFC the whole chicken
The most unbelievable part of the ad is introducing an unflappable real rooster. The production company Knucklehead has shot the film entirely on camera over the course of two weeks.

As KFC has shifted its creative business from BBH to Mother, the chicken ad is the first work since the new partnership. The agency was briefed to highlight how KFC outlets only use fresh, locally sourced chicken from 500 UK and Irish Red Tractor Assured farms.

The ad is also running on TV, out of home,PR, social media and in store. People can also scan the mural via Insa’s AR-driven Gif-iti app to bring the colourful chicken to life.



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