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Tesla Debuts a Commercial from Fan-Made Contest



Tesla has recently launched its first commercial, which is a work from its fan-made ad contest.
In terms of the ad contest, there’s a cute story about it. One day in March, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, received a letter from a five-grade girl, who found that Tesla doesn’t advertise, but many homemade commercials for Tesla are very good, so she suggested to run a fan-made ad contest and the winners will get their commercial aired.



Musk gave his glad consent to the proposal and launched the Tesla Project Loveday Contest. The 10 finalists of the contest includes some professional spots, such as Electric Life’s “Embrace the Energy” and Thy Future’s “A Better Future.”

Electric Life’s “Embrace the Energy”


Thy Future’s “A Better Future.”

Well, as a fan-made contest, the winners are decided on the votes from Twitter likes. Then a more homemade one entitled “Tesla Project Loveday Contest Entry”stands out of the list. It’s a work from Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, a famous tech blogger who boasts about 5 million YouTube subscribers.


Tesla Project Loveday Contest Entry

Different from the fantastic story or CGI made, Brownlee’s spot is highlighting more on the tech features like Ludicrous acceleration mode and its front trunk box.



So what’s the prize for Brownlee? Is it a Tesla?The rules of the contest has promised the winner with a guest can have a trip to a future Tesla product launch. It sounds not alluring enough to ask for a home-made spot. But for Tesla, it might be the best way to find the real fans who would love to do it with full heart.
There were some ads made from fans long time ago before the contest and looked so stunning as to seem like an official one.


Modern Spaceship is one of them, and it makes the best combination between Tesla and the Space where Musk has focused on for such a long time.

Another spot from Parachute was made through CGI completely, which made Tesla seem to be a geogeous work by nature. It's really fantastic.




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