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2447 2017-07-31 16:02

Facebook Bought an AI Startup to Build Virtual Assistant



It’s been a creepy news for the last two days that Facebook has shut down an AI experiment because chatbots developed their own language.
But is it true? From the fact check webisite Snopes.com, it may be not that true.


The twitter content was firstly posted on June14, however the news about creepy AI news were top-trending news stories of July, which happened to be the time when tech entrepreneur Elon Musk told the he National Governors Association that AI to be an “existential threat” to human civilization on 15 July. As a matter of fact, the “creepy chatbots” story was just a case that Facebook’s AI research(FAIR) tried to make AI systems designed to communicate with humans. But from the dialogue between the AI agents posted by FAIR, at first they were speaking to each other in plain old English. But then researchers realized they’d made a mistake in programming.

Facebook didn’t give up the AI experiment, and it acquired an AI startup Ozlo to help create its virtual assistant which CEO Zuckerberg put AI to Facebook’s 10- year plan.
Facebook has developed a virtual assistant called M, but it is still in a limited use. The company’s new acquisition-the AI startup Ozlo will be folded into Facebook’s messaging app which accelerate the AI evolvement. Especially during Facebook’s quarterly earnings call, Zuckerberg also emphasized that the company should improve the ability to monetize AI process.
Ozlo also commented about the acquisition on its website, “By joining a team that shares our values and our vision, we will be able to continue to work on building experiences powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. There's a lot more for us to explore ahead and we're excited to bring our technology to the Messenger community.”


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