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Netease Debuted a Brand-New Spot with No Lines



Words may be considered as the most effective ways to communicate with each other. But do you know the most powerful expression may be not by words? In Netease’s new ad, it tells a powerful story by music.


The story was dated back to the battle for Caen, after a bloody war fire, the ground was full of dead bodies. A Germany shooter hided himself in the tower, ending 40 British lives under his rifle. When he prepared to target another British soldier far away in the darkness, that wounded soldier struggled to take out a harmonica in his pocket, and played the Ireland country music ”Danny Boy”. He knew well that he couldn’t return home in the war, but as soon as he thought of his baby in the cradle, the music might be the last gift he could give to him.


On the other corner of the tower, the Germany soldier couldn’t help missing his family and his beloved fiancée. They both wanted to go home, but nothing could be changed in front of the war. At this moment, the Germany soldier also took out his flute to play another music as a response to the British soldier. They could be connected and understood in front of the power of music.



That’s exactly what Netease wants to say in its brand. Music has its power in connecting people together. The ad spot is adapted from the true story from the historical war, and it arouses resonance among people from the bottom of their hearts. The ad is executed by Ogilvy Taipei, collaborating with the well-known Tailand director Thanonchai.


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