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3402 2017-08-07 18:56

Rap Ads Turned into a Hit on the Rise of the Rap of China


Nowadays, the most buzz word in China might be “Do you have freestyle?” The Chinese first hiphop talent contest, the Rap of China has turned rap into a kind of mainstream among young people. It’s absolutely a fashion way to communicate with the young consumers that brands would never miss.
Alipay Rap-No Limits by MC Jin and TT

MC Jin and TT created the rap-No Limits for Alipay, which shows that life should have no limits, people can enjoy the freestyle life as they like. As Alipay has gathered many functions covering daily life, so people can free their hands out of wallets. The dope beat and flow have made a stunning combination with the lines. Even for people who are not fan of hiphop, it’s a striking one indeed.
McDonald’s hiphop Time by Kris Wu and Rappers from Rap of China


 Mercedes-Benz Rap Song



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