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2797 2017-08-10 19:16

Amazon Echo Wants to Tell Stories for Dogs


People always want a dog when they feel lonely, but people can seldom notice the loneliness of their dogs when they are alone at home. There’s a series of audiobooks designed for dogs to make them less lonely, which is launched by Amazon collaborated with Audible as well as Cesar Millan, a longtime dog behaviorist and Emmy-nominated host of the TV series Dog Whisperer.


The project could be dated back to a spoof – PetLexa which Amazon launched on April Fools’ Day. PetLexa was originally designed to be a animal-friendly voice assistant that can help people understand their pets easily. It might be just joking at first, but now the Audible Books for Dogs are truly introduced to people with their dogs in less than a year.

First Use of Amazon Audible For Dogs

Dogs are social animals. They are smart enough to understand human language and also need to engage with people. From an academic study, the dogs feel less stressed and happier when listening to the audio books than music. Thus, the Audible collaborated with Milan’s Dog Psychology Center to study 100 dogs, with reading different audio contents for dogs to see how they response. They have an interesting discovery that dogs respond better to books read by narrators of the same gender as their masters.



Until now, the series of Audible for Dogs has contents with titles such as “A Dog’s Purpose,” “Soldier Dogs” and “The Art of Racing in the Rain.”
The series of audible books is a sweet product indeed, it also provides a great reason for Amazon’s Echo to be welcomed by millions of families with dogs for granted. As more and more tech giants are marching into the AI voice assistant field, Amazon has obviously found a smart way to win hearts from families with pets.


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