4002 2017-08-18 19:10

The Most Handmade 24-hour Clock Made Every Minute Lovely


In digital age, shopping everything online seems to be a more efficient and convenient thing for people to save their time. We seldom do handmade stuff in this fast changing society. But recently the Japanese stationery brand Hitotoki has done something special to make people recollect the beauty and the happiness of crafting art.


Hitotoki, the new stationery brand of JING JIM, which means’precious moment’ has collaborated with Dentsu to make a handmade clock and a movie of this beautiful and precious 1,440 minutes.

It’s actually a huge project for Dentsu to assemble the clock with 30,000 objects. Every minute is like a piece of delicate art with the most common stuff, such as pencils, rulers, keys and so on. When you see those things assembling into a clock, you can finally understand the happy time is just made up of trifling ones.



It’s time for these old-school stuff to relive in a more creative way as we actually need to slow down and enjoy the beauty of every moment. If you are interested in the clock, please click the real-time website to see the lovely clock movie.


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