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1809 2017-08-22 13:35

How Can You Fix for the Past Crazy Things for Love?


People become crazy when they fall in love with someone. They would like to do any crazy things for love, such as put a tattoo onto their bodies. But when that love has gone, how to deal with heartbroken tattoo you ever made for your ex? Actually there’s a sweet way to fix for that in the campaign below.

Whenever someone asked someone whose name she or he tattooed, it must be very awkward to admit it’s an ex-name. For this situation, Brazilian pet retailer Petz has thought of a clever solution, help people to adopt a cute dog or cat with the same name as their ex-ones. It’s such a warming friend who wants to own at once, isn’t it? In fact, these dogs and cats are abandoned by people in Brazil. It’s estimated at least 30 million stray animals living in Brazil, they are lonely and homeless.
In this case, people can finally walk out of the heartbroken shadow, love again with these little creatures and bring them a happy life.


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