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Volve Released Two Films Which Are Unlike Ads


There’s a saying goes that unlikely ads are good ads. It’s easier to say than done. But Volve’s latest short films could probably crown that name. As they are not only true enough, but impress the audience with the challenging results which turned impossible to possible.
Human Made Stories-Music Of The Mind

Rosie was an English gifted violinist when she was young. But something unexpected happened, she caught in an accident and her brain suffered from a catastrophic injure which stopped her music career.


29 years later, a miracle popped up that Rosie returned to her orchestra with the help of the technology that could turn her brainwaves into melodic phrases to play.

Volve - Music Of The Mind

The film “Music of the Mind” is depicted in the perspective of Rosie’s friend in orchestra, which makes the story more impressive and compelling to the audience. When the delightful surprise appears on Rosie’s cheeks, we can’t help resonating with her with best wishes. 

Human Made Stories-Nemo’s Garden


Nemo is a farmer in Italy. In recent years, his crops suffered badly from humidity and cold weather. So they had an audacious try to save the garden, that is to grow plants underwater. To their surprises, the plants are alive in the undersea garden, they are actually the hope for their future.


Volve – Nemo’s Garden


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