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2780 2017-08-28 15:28

Tyrion Explained the New Networking Era in Cisco's Epic Ad


Tyrion Lannister is absolutely one of the favorite characters in Game of Thrones. He is not that stereotyped hero in most drama’s history, but he is smart and calculated against his enemies, and also capable of sympathy and genuine kindness to the helpless people. It is considered Peter Dingklage has acted Tyrion alive and compelling.


That’s the truth, and our hero has recently become a messenger in Cisco’s ad two days before the finale of seventh season of Game of Thrones, which is also very impressive.

Cisco-The Network, Intuitive

“What is it that makes us unique as human beings? How it is when we come to know when something is right or wrong? How does experience shape our instinct?”

Peter Dingklage raised several big questions at the beginning of the spot and answered them during wandering through the metropolis. In a new era of intent-based networking, we can be driven or inform to try something in advance. “If it used intuition to drive itself if it actually had insights and context if it learned if it could adapt if it could predict, fix things before they break. If it could configure millions of connections not in months or even days but in minutes.”  
Cisco launched the campaign“The Network. Intuitive” for the new ”intent-based networking” solution which first announced this summer.


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