37.5Technology Cliffside Store

1903 2017-08-31 19:10

A Brave Man's Game? A Pop-up Store Opened by the Cliff


Opening a Pop-up Store is a very fashionable way for marketing these days. As it could easily impress their customers with innovative ways and amusing products. But a recent pop-up store caught our attention with its bold move to be opening on the side of a 300 foot cliff.

The Cliffside Shop was opened by 37.5 Technology, which produces advanced fabric and materials which are used in outdoor apparels which can deal with heavy winds and keep warm. As the Cliffside store, it requires the customers should be brave and strong enough to climb 300 feet to enter the shop. In the shop, you can get hoodies, socks and other gear for rock climbing for free out of your bravery.


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