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Diesel’s New Ad Presents the Flaw Beauty


In modern daily life, it is popular considered that beauty can be characterized with big eyes, oval face and A4 waist. But in the eyes of Diesel, the flawless is so forgettable. In its new ad, Diesel has chosen a various kinds of models with unibrow, a mouth full of braces, a crossed eyes and big ears, all of them are not stereotyped beauty in popular concept, but they are extraordinarily shining in their most confident ways in what they do.
The dancing skinny lad

The unibrow sexy girl
This campaign is themed as # Go With the Flaw, which is the first creative work from Publicis Italy, who has lately taken over the creative work from Anomaly Amsterdam. The challenge against the conformity of perfection obviously has appealed to encourage the young people to be what they really are.


Go with no plan.
Go with not sure.
Go with what makes you feel insecure.
Go with the snooze.
Go with your hair.
Go with that face that needs no repair.
Go with mistakes Go with remakes.
Go without knowing if you have what it takes.
Go with the tease.
Go with the game.
Go if no one remembers your name.
Go with the “oops” Go with no doubts.
Go if it doesn’t look as good as it sounds.
Go with the hunch.
Go with oh fuck.
Go like you’ll never run out of luck.
Go with the swipe.
Go with the fling.
Go without wanting to put on a ring.
But go out in the open.
And go with pride.
Grab a front seat and enjoy the ride.
After Chris Lee becomes Diesel’s first global ambassador, Diesel also invited Chris Lee to debut a 30s-spot with the theme of #Go With Square Face.

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