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2864 2017-11-16 17:33

John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Another Heart-warming Fairytale


With the approaching of Christmas, many retailers have released their Christmas ads lately, including John Lewis whose ad is always expected by consumers in this season. This year, John Lewis has created another heart-warming ad with a monster called”Moz” who hided under a little boy’s bed. What happened between Moz and the boy? Let’s see the ad below.

Moz snored loudly under the bed. The boy was scared of him and posted a note on his door「No Monsters Allowed」.

Then Moz felt guilty about interrupting the boy and tried to fix up their relationship with playing with the boy. Then they became good friends.

As the boy spent the whole night playing with Moz, he fell into the exhausted circle during the day.

Until the Christmas eve, the boy received an unnamed gift-starry light. When it was lighted, Moz disappeared permanently.

As UK’s largest retailer, John Lewis has continued the concept of “gift”, which turning the Christmas gifts into a kind of emotion investment. 


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