Google T-Rex Dino Runner

5628 2017-11-21 08:09

Google Makes an Offline T-Rex Runner for Traffic Waiting Time


Nowadays, the most boring time should be the moments when you are offline or waiting for a traffic light.
For the former case, Google has an addictive game -T-Rex Dino Runner on Chrome. You can control the little dinosaur with the space key in order to jump over the obstacles.


This time, Google has brought the game offline called Jump the Cars to solve the latter problem. Google staff put the transparent plate with T-Rex Dino onto the pole next to the zebra crossing line.


Then people can play the game by closing one eye and shaking your head, like this.

It’s not only a smart game to spend the time but also exercise our stiff necks. If you are quick enough to gain high score, you can also leave your name with scores on the plate. Maybe you are the next record-breaker!




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