2430 2017-11-23 16:46

A Business Cat Leads a Role in ZTE's New Ad


Pets are born with some expertise to make people relaxed and welcomed by people around the world. And ZTE-a Chinese manufacturer who is the fourth-largest seller of smartphones in the US has chosen a business cat to cast the leading role in its new ad spot.

 Business Cat

It’s an amusing one as the cat appeared and impressed us with its series expression and dress. While he was also very busy with controlling the computers with his little palm, he swiped the coffee onto the ground. Then the voiceover of the ad came,“One screen for business, and another one for cat videos”.  This spot is a campaign for ZTE’s new Axon M, which is a full-featured smartphone that has two full-size displays. You can also connect the two displays, making the Axon M a flip phone of sorts.

 Candy Smasher

This series of campaign are the work from Energy BBDO who won the business last year.


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