KFC Pop-up Store

3138 2017-12-26 10:27

It May Be the Tiniest KFC Restaurant in the World


KFC has recently opened a miniature Pop-up store which only takes 1/12 area of the normal size. It can provide you a special experience perhaps you have never had before.

The scene which is depicted in a fairy tale has indeed appeared in front of your eyes.


This pop-up store was actually opening in Portland for just one day. And it was not just a sight, but providing consumers with a chicken set meal for $5 Fill Up. It was a set meal which KFC released in 2016, which cost only 5 dollars.



But in this mini-store, the meal was for free. And people would like to take the meal even if they had to lie down to the ground.


This is the whole process of cooking the miniature chicken meals. So cute, huh?


Many people were curious about the mini store and came to experience the special service. Most of them thought it was cute and the taste was not that bad.




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