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This Was Not an Accident. This Was a Decision


“Men my age dictate this war, why should we be allowed to send our children to fight it?”  That’s a line from Dunkirk by Mark Rylance. For some people, that might be just history, but for some others, that’s the truth they are facing at the moment.
ICRC(International Committee of the Red Cross)has recently released an ad just like the scene of Dunkirk, which depicts the unpredictable terror of the war.

This Was Not an Accident. This Was a Decision.
It’s heartbroken scene when we see the innocent boy died of the bombing no matter he left home early or not. This was not an accident. This was a decision. The little boy has no chance to control his life, that’s worst of all.
ICRC takes it as a way to show how brutal the was is and appeal to people to obey the Geneva Conventions in order to leave a peaceful land for the innocent at fires.


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