2323 2018-01-12 16:25

Ikea Wants to Surprise People with a Pee Test Ad


Ikea has recently made a unusual ad on Sweden’s largest female magazine, which encouraging female reader to pee on the ad. If she is pregnant, the ad will reveal a big surprise to the future-mother with a 50% discount of the baby bed. Is it magical? Actually it is a similar technology with pregnancy tests.

In order to make people understand better about this idea, Ikea even made a video to illustrate this pee test ad.

The idea was from ÅkestamHolst creatives, who created Ikea’s campaign “Where life happens”. Being pregnant is just one of the situations in life. To be a mother is a proud thing. Ikea obviously wants to get involved in welcoming the new life with its products. Anyway, this ad is a bit unusual but also a warm one.


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