4423 2018-01-24 08:09

OPPO Released a Warm-Hearted Story of Two Small Planets

China's smartphone brand-OPPO has released a new year's film “Two Small Plants” , in which Yangmi and Zhangbinbin act as a pair of close friends who live in two different small connected planets.

In this new film, Yangmi and Zhangbinbin were a pair of close friends who grew up together. They were fond of each other but never spoke out their affection.


 One day in the new year, the boy finally took courage to tell the girl his mind, at that time the two planets suddenly departed, the couple was reluctantly to separate from each other. 


Afterwards, the girl received a new year’s gift from the boy, until then she realized that the boy has cared about her in every small details and his affection to her.



 At last, it is a happy ending. The boy and the girl met again after all of this and they record the happy moment by taking a selfie of themselves. 


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