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Lining:The Famous Sports Brand with Chinese Characteristics


2018 New York Fashion Week in Autumn and winter has already coming.Majority of people in Fashion industry are focus on this show.On the other hand,Lining is one of the most famous  Clothing brand in China.In New York Fashion Week,Lining will present their own style in Manhattan.

"Lining"New York Fashion Week

Keep the original style  is the main object for Lining.The Slogan of Lining is to spread Chinese culture and integrate the modern trend of sports.As a result, the entire world will watch the rise of new forces from East.

China Lining

It is definitely a great opportunity for Lining to promote Chinese traditional culture on New York Fashion Week.


Lining on the show

According to the report, Lining will Landed in New York Fashion Week at February,7,2018 morning officially.

Lining China will bring to the world a strong firm of attitude.


As to the audience, you can just keep your curiosity on this coming show.




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