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7987 2018-03-27 16:10

Watch These Unexpected Commercials from Volkswagen China

Goodstein and Proximity team up for a series of unexpected Volkswagen commercials.

Volkswagen China asked Goodstein’s creative director Georg Warga to inject a little humor for their latest integrated campaign - Technology for Everyone.  The three online videos bring back Volkswagen’s trademark ‘twinkle in the eye’ into Chinese advertising.

Catwalk Collision

When models cause yet another accident on her latest fashion show, the talented de-signer Kate Wang must find a solution to save her reputation. Luckily she gets inspired by Volkswagen’s LED swiping indicators.

Glued Man

Wei is not happy. Her husband does not pay her enough attention, it’s like ‘he is married to his phone’, she says. Being glued to his screen got him into all kinds of troubles in the past. Volkswagen’s Head Up Display might just be a the solution she is looking for.

Relaxed Bear

While the rest of us migrate through the hustle of the daily traffic jam in the morning the only one not prone to stress is ‘Relaxed Bear’. He should be, as Volkswagen’s Lane Assist does all the driving for him.


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