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16258 2018-05-16 19:16

Ikea's New Advertisement in Taiwan,Makes people feel so sweet !

After lauching series of short film which called “Several Things about Dating” in 2016, Ikea then successively pushed out many advertising film about “Dating”. This time, the dating series also make a plot reversal. It looks like a sad drama, but the hidden drama makes people feel so sweet!
The first side of Love [ENVY]
The second side of Love [Wrath]
The third side of love [gluttony]

Love is always a sweet and painful thing. No one can only taste its sweetness, and do not bear the pain it brings. These three short films all tell from three different downside of love, but all with sweet endings. The previous series “Several Things about Dating”has the same place with these short films. Although the plots reverse dramatically, but it certainly looks real. people can personally felt little sweet from it. 


The three short films with the main line of “a variety of dating things staged in Ikea ", make the brand and products cleverly into people's lives. With the most accurate and warmest insight, Ikea tells us: Ikea is the recorder of every little thing in our life. On the one hand, the three short films make the brand closer to customers, on the other hand,it also highlight the variety of products. 


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