Tmall Egg-Calm youth

16659 2018-05-22 19:49

Tmall Tell the Youth to Be ‘Egg-Calm’, While Post-90s Are Given Too Much Pressure!

*In Chinese, the pronunciation of "egg" is the same as the first part pronunciation of "calm". 

Nowadays, some topics become rather hot on the China internet, such as “Your peers are surpassing you, but you… “The oldest post-90s have been bald… “you have been single 20 years and only fat will not leave you…”


It’s easy to find that producing anxiety can attract the crowds, so producing anxiety becomes a commercial method. 

Many marketers realize the method so they are starting to sell anxiety, but clever marketers know how to breach through the normal thinking methods and take advantage of anxiety in another way. On account of the insight into young people’s anxiety condition, Tmall , united with Juhuasuan-Super Shopping Day, plans a campaign running counter to the anxiety marketing. 


“Egg-Calm Life” is the theme of this campaign and there are series of activities related to the theme, such as “make egg”, “eat egg” and “play egg”, and so on. 

As a daily food, egg couldn’t attract customer, but now, Tmall gives eggs an emotional implication which can be described as “comfortably calm”. When customers join in the activities, they accept the slogan “Egg-calm Life” and every time when they are buying eggs or eating eggs, they will be reminded about the implication. 

Customers can get positive effect from this campaign permanently and it is not only an emotional cure, but also a promotion of brand recognition that draws customer closer. 


Tmall arouses the youth by advocating common values with them, in this respect, the program design of the “Egg-Calm” campaign is undoubtedly successful. 


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