OPPO dramatic

17384 2018-06-01 18:57

Can’t OPPO Survive Without Star Spokesman?

These extras are just the most dramatic elements in the video! When your phone is out of the memory, all App will be half-dead and it’s hard to download new content. 

Have you ever imaged the condition that an app is being deleted by you? The battle looks just like the climax of the imperial-harem competing play. After all, it’s easily to be killed if one is not careful. 

Don’t expect playing games when your phone is out of the memory! It’s impossible that the phone will not crash. Have you ever gone through the blank screen without any suggestion? 

These three stories filmed by OPPO remind people of themselves which suffered from small capacity memory. As a piece of ad film, the video doesn’t have too much content, but still make people laugh with understanding. However, other brands also have the similar ideas and advantages, even better than OPPO. Without making the product prominent, the idea will be the cat’s paw. 


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