Interpublic Group 2018 Wishes

2929 2017-12-19 16:40

Publicis Groupe's 2018 Wishes Back with an Old Arthur and Young Maurice?


By the end of the year, it’s always the good time to make wishes. So does the global advertising group-Publicis Groupe. At such a busy time of year Arthur Sadoun, Chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe, tries to keep his first-ever end of year message short and sweet (for once!).

But wait, there’s something strange! Why does he look so old? Now let’s look at the wishes video, you’ll figure out what has happened.


So what did you find? Maurice Levy appeared at the 1:25, but looked so young!!! His grey hair has turned black, and his countenance looks shiny too as if he drank some magic water. It may be a good proof that running a company is a tough thing. Thanks to Arthur’s efforts, Maurice has experienced rejuvenation during this time. 

 Arthur and Maurice strive for the cup-I’M THE BOSS.
Actually Maurice has the tradition of making odd and fun wish videos to greet the global employees every year.

In 2016, Maurice put his office on Airbnb for a day rent to some person who could experience a day life of being a CEO.

In 2015, Maurice wore a long hairpiece to act in an advertising for shampoo.

This year, Publicis Groupe CEO Arthur has partnered with Maurice to give this unbelievable video to people for fun. But it also makes great sense in concluding achievements which Publicis Groupe has made this year. After launching the strategy of The Power of One, Publicis Groupe has turned its organic growth from a decline of 1.2% in Q1 to a rise of 1.2% in Q3. That was a big improvement for Publicis Groupe considering part of its clients loss last year.



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