Wunderman Google “One Belt”

8506 2018-10-29 14:08

Wunderman and Google China to Develop Progressive Web Apps for “One Belt” Chinese Brands


Wunderman, the leading global digital agency and a WPP company,and Google China will start developing Google Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Chinese companies wishing to engage global consumers under the China government’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

Wunderman China becomes the first Google certified PWA agency in China.

Globally, 3 times more people visit mobile web sites than apps,but spend 20 times more minutes on apps because of the improved user experience. Progressive Web Apps give users a deeply engaging, native-like experience as soon as they land on the website.  

Google Progressive Web Apps, built into Chrome, load instantly, responding quickly to user interactions.  Progress Web Apps are engaging and feel like a natural app on the device and provide an immersive user experience.  They can also be added to a mobile home screen directly via prompting, eliminating trips to the Google Play Store.

“Progressive Web Apps are the future mobile experience because they enable brands to reach out to a wider audience,” said Bryce Whitwam, CEO of Wunderman China. “Our partnership with Google enables us to develop PWAs for Chinese companies who are looking to provide more immersive digital experiences for their global consumer base.”

Wunderman and Google will begin rolling out Progressive Web Apps to the market this year.  


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