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Short Vedio App Kwai Released a Warm Video


What kind of advertising and what kind of marketing do we need exactly?

Kwai’s answer: 

In the new world, advertising should not stay in the high-spirited concept, grandism, and dogma, but should become the step for the brand to approach the users and have an equal dialogue with them. When the brand no longer guides our lives, it becomes our life – welcome to the new world of advertising.

Kwai’s proposition:

The product is simple and simple: there is no complicated classification recommendation and jump in the APP. The three tabs on the homepage are always unchanged: “Follow", “Discover”, and “This city", plus a small microphone icon for recording video. That’s all;

Carrying out "equality and universal benefit" to the end. Regardless of whether the star is an influencer or an ordinary person, regardless of whether it is in the city or the country, each user has the right to share and be paid equally. There is no traffic inclination and no special treatment.

Behind the seeming innocence, Kwai’s AI technology engine goes deep into the product, running through the entire business process of content production, review, distribution, and consumption. It has a stable atmosphere for the high-viscosity benign social ecology and the increasingly prosperous BRO economy. Relying on precise and efficient algorithms, realize the fair and inclusive approach, which is probably the essence of the Internet.

The Internet is a mapping to the real line. According to the data of the 2019 Kwai Content Ecological Report, Kwai is a top sharing community with more than 200 million daily users and 400 million monthly users. The number of daily users in the south of China has reached more than 80 million, and the number of daily users in the first and second-tier cities exceeds 60 million, an increase of 50%; the proportion of male and female users is close to balance and the users under 30 years old accounting for more than 70% - obviously, the scale of Kwai users has already broken the previous limitations.

Go from the loneliness of the high cold to the position of equal exchange.

Get into the user's life and become the user's life. look for a role that is more conducive to brand display in the new relationship.

Pay attention to the user's voice and let users used to be the brand's supporters become promoters.

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