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Who Killed The Adman?

Norman Tan:

"I have been engaged in advertising creativity for 37 years. I have met many Adman and colleagues. Every time I collide or pass by, I learn and grow, leaving stories and getting opinions.

This feeling was very strong in the first 20 years of entry and gradually faded in the next 10 years. A large number of advertising companies are grouped so that their uniqueness is gradually assimilated in huge capital operations.

From the past year, although the global advertising creativity still has wonderful output, it seems that few works can be left as classics. I believe that as long as the advertising industry still exists, Adman will still exist. However, I believe that if Adman is an adjective to the leader of the advertising industry, it is dead.

Who killed Adman? Although there can be many answers, it is not too difficult to find out, and there is no need to find out what to do. However, as an advertising person who has loved and engaged in this industry for so many years, I especially want to throw out this question of interest at this time and listen to everyone's views, hoping to inspire some thinking."

About Norman Tan

Founder of OnBrand Norman's advertising, whose career began in Singapore in 1982. Over the years, he has served in Gray, Leo Burnett Singapore, JWT, Taipei and Southeast Asia. Settled in Shanghai in 2005, successively worked for Drapes China and Lowe Ruishi China. At the end of August 2018, he resigned as the chairman of JWT Thomson China and the creative chief of Northeast Asia. In July of the following year, OnBrand personal studio was founded to focus on brand marketing communication, content and training. Norman believes that there are only two types of communication, one is On Brand and the other is Off Brand.


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