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Starbucks produced a documentary of Rwanda Coffee

In June, Rwanda Abakundakawa coffee and its peripheral products were launched in all Starbucks Reserve Stores in the Chinese mainland.

To tell the story behind Abakundakawa coffee (which means coffee lovers), Starbucks produced a 5-minute documentary The Story of Rwanda Coffee.


The story was told by a Starbucks coffee roaster Anita, who often go directly to different coffee origins for better understanding different types of coffee. When she came to Rwanda, she was inspired by something more than coffee.


“If you’ve never heard of what happened in Rwanda before, you may never know what these women have been through.”

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It is a documentary of coffee, but in this special year, under the shadow of fear and worries, Starbucks believe it is only with love, hope, forgiveness ans empathy that we can walk out of the darkness, towards a better life.


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