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A soft punch on heart given by Tencent and The United Nations

This short episode tells a story of Penguin and Whale. The iceberg where Penguin stayed is melt under the rising temperature, and Whale the friend from the sea keep searching for new place for Penguin.In this process, they get help from other whales and seabirds. We have no idea about the ending but only seeing a mountain of rubbish emerges.


At the end of the scene, It brings out the topic of protecting our blue planet, which is also a warm-up for Chinese Youth Dialogue.


In 2020, the United Nations (UN) marks its 75th anniversary in a time where the lives of young people in China and across the world continue to be upended by the COVID-19 pandemic.


With only ten years remaining to make the 2030 Agenda reality, the UN75 initiative was launched to build the world’s biggest conversation on these global challenges and promote greater international cooperation. Listening to the voices of all during such challenging times has required greater online engagement of youth audiences and has been a key global priority for UN75.


As a key part of #UN75 Campaign, Chinese Youth Dialogue is sought to champion the unique voices, issues and action of young people, as well as call for their inclusion in the global decision-making process.


In April of 2020, Tencent and the United Nations(UN) announced a new and innovative global partnership for the UN’s 75th anniversary, which will host thousands of online conversations through VooV Meeting(international version of Tencent Meeting), Wechat Work and Tecent Artificial Intelligence Simultaneous Interpretation(Tencent AI SI).


This partnership means that amid the coronavirus pandemic,the largest global dialogue to date will be conducted with the technical support from one of the world’s largest Internet services and technology companies.








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