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Ten top admen in China told the young generation Don't Advertise.

Ten top admen in China showed up in a video last month, told the young generation Don't Advertise.

Don't advertise


If you can't earn respect from your clients


If 4A-accent is the only thing you learned from 4A


If your creativity doesn't work in business


If your passion is just for Scam Ads


If there is no kind in your creativity


If you are a snowflake


If you have never get proud of your own work


If getting rich is the only thing you want


If you call yourself by Addog


If you follow along your clients but lose yourself


Don't advertise


If you advertise for living


If you are not that into advertising


If your ads could done by anyone


Don't advertise like this.

Be an Adman.


Indeed, this video is a follow-up of LinkedIn's latest commercial, which communicate its message that Don't Go For a Job if you have not prepared. Don't Advertise is based on the same topic, aiming to bring everyone in advertising back to the cherish of their heart and make it to the end, to be an adman.


Like the previous video,the idea comes from Havas Shanghai, directed by Ben Sun Erhei, the General Manager at Havas Shanghai and Chief Creative Officer at Havas China. Ben himself is also appeared in the video.


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