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3813 2020-11-27 15:00

McDonald's Wakes You Up and Serves You with a Cup of Free Coffee

Last week,McDonald's China made an announcement of upgrading the McCafe sub-brand with 10 million cups lattes served for free.Meanwhile,a Wake Up campaign was launched to attract consumers' attention.


The commercial interprets the daily sleepiness of different people from three scenes of classroom, driving, and live broadcast. The sleepiness is presented through anthropomorphic expressions. The funny plot is accompanied by magical looping background music to repeatedly brainwash the audience, emphasizing strong aroma as the selling point of McCafe .


This set of ads is just one step for McDonald's to enter the Chinese coffee market. Judging from the crowd portraits and scenes in the advertisement, the main audience targeted by McCafe is not the same group of people as Starbucks and Luckin.


In China,American coffee chain Starbucks is the current market leader with around 4,700 stores,while Luckin owns about 4,000 outlets.The strong presence of McCafe aims to a larger customer base.As is presented in the campaign,McCafe set its sights on normalizing coffee in daily life.


McDonald's will spend 2.5 billion yuan($381 million) over the next three years on a major expansion of its estate of in-store Cafes to 4,000 outlets in China. 


“We are very pleased to join in the booming coffee market with our supply chain capabilities and digital channels to bring high-quality coffee with reasonable price to Chinese consumers.”Phyllis Cheung,CEO of McDonald's China,said in the earlier interview.


Although the controversial Luckin Coffee did shake its ground in China, there isn't another retail chain anywhere the size of Starbucks that only focuses on beverages.The strong presence of McCafes might intensify the coffee war in the near future.

The posters also focus on different sleepiness in life. The real perspective and heartache copy arouse the resonance of many consumers.




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