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The Entire Chinese Advertising Industry Knows Michael Wang was Late!


A few times ago, a video clips was totally popularize on Chinese social media.It is about a man who missed the flight at ShangHai Airport.Actually, the video clips is a advertisement for UCAR.The topic of advertisement mainly present the high quality service and comfortable experience from UCAR.

The story shows that Michael Wang was late for work in this morning and all his friend on social media knew about it.Its hard to express how anxiety to Michael Wang at this moment, because it will make a serious consequence if he missed the flight.Therefore,the clips make a question to audience:What would happened to an advertiser who missed the time to submit proposal.

Michael Wang was planned to take off the flight from Shanghai to Beijing, however he does not realise he was running to a wrong destination.He have to face the well-established fact.Although Michael Wang make a mistake, but send the proposal via computer is a intelligent way for this situation.Michael Wang can not imagine that missed the flight is just one of the terrible things after  the proposal was sent to client.

At the end of video,Boss Zhang called a UCAR for Mechael Wang and told him to get a rest.It looks like the UCAR make the whole incident being peace.The story shows Boss Zhang make a correct way to deal with the issues.At the same time, it also present the  UCAR make a comfortable atmosphere for passenger who choose the car.It is not only full of the element about the leadership cares subordinate and also the care from UCAR.



In recent years, those type of advertisement always appeared on social media like WeChat and Weibo,because the function is Suitable for it.People named it HTML5.HTML5 advertisement hold many features includes conveniencespread easily, and low production costs.Therefore, more and more brands would like to use this pattern to publicize company idea.



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