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Chinese Director Use IPhoneX to Film a Video about Spring Festival


Few days ago, a video called“Three Minutes” has been reposted millions of times on WeChat and Weibo.The topic of the video is about affection. Peter Chan who is the director of the video use his unique photo style present a impressive story for audience.

Apple "Three Minutes"

On the other hand, Apple and the social media are both advertising a major highlight of this video which is iPhoneX.That’s right, the entire video is based on iPhoneX as the main shooting equipment.A number of Chinese viewers are drawn to the title,They probably thinking all shots in the video are made by iPhoneX itself.However, according to the later interview footage from Apple, people understand the additional things .Although the mainly shooting equipment is iPhoneX but the auxiliary equipment also make a good function to video such as Drone or other something.Some of them estimated the auxiliary equipment should be cost nearing 1.1million dollars.

Son kisses his mother

Although the title is a little bit exaggerated, but you have to confirmed the marketing of Apple is successful.At least, it attracts so many viewers because of topic and content.

Go back to the specific content of video, a conductor who work on the train during the Spring Festival plan to meet her son on the platform at train station.Because she do not have time to go home.And the mother’s kid started to multiplied by formula when she saw his mother.The son always remembered what the mother said:if you can not repeat the multiplication then i will never see you again.It also becomes a highlight shot in this advertisement.People are also moved by this shot.


The iPhonex play a main role in the ad

Spring Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China.It is very wisely for apple choose this time to launch the ad.Apple seized the point and have a good cooperation with Peter Chan.



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