OREO DJ Station Wangyuan

15734 2018-05-24 13:40

OREO DJ Station Becomes the Center of Attention with Wangyuan Cheering on

Do you remember the OREO Music Box went viral on WeChat moments on the Tmall Brand Day last year? Now OREO comes back and show their new black technology when the day comes again. 

These two different videos both show the cool function of OREO DJ Station – playing music by biscuits! 

It is equipped with high-tech feeling and 525 pieces of music can be automatically generated according to biscuits’ size and DJ Station’s placement. Instantly, the familiar impression of OREO’s black and white shows up with a music accompaniment including Chinese-style, Hip-hop and electronic music and so on. You can remix the music by yourself. 

As the celebrity of OREO, Wangyuan is interested in this new production too. He Plays it with enjoyment and posts a tweet announcing that he will release a hand-writing music paper. Do you expect? 



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