Wang Ju Creation 101

28261 2018-05-31 19:21

Don’t you know Wang Ju who has been going viral online for several days?

Nowadays, people in china who haven’t known Wang Ju may feel confused about the joke which can be seen everywhere, even through the offline. 

When Creation 101 have been broadcast for 6 episodes, many people asked for many times: why Wang Ju becomes so popular? Now, it’s obviously that her fans who have excellent capacity of copywriting contributed to her popularity. 

Her fans created “Ju Words and Ju Sentences” and “Ju Book”to ask voters for support. It’s no doubt that the phenomenon is the recreating of content in the effect of copycats. No one will query “is it funny?”, because no one wants to be outdated. 

Here, they follow the crowd, so they make the trend.



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