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15939 2018-06-12 17:45

In Tsingtao Beer’s View, a Football Changed the World!

Every 4 year the World Cup begins and there will be an iconic slogan “No Beer, No Football” which becomes the true portrayal of the football fans. So, beer manufacturers inevitably face the fierce competition when the grand event of the world is closing. As a participant of the competition, Tsingtao Beer, the rebroadcast sponsor of the 2018 World Cup, is just interesting. 

300 million years ago,the world was one whole continent, but the primitive creatures scattered around didn’t know what was on the other side of the mountain. 300 million years later, the world is divided into parts by the ocean, but we can know people’s lives on the other side of the global. With the copywriter’s interpretation, the basic view of the ad certainly highlights the conception of cosmopolitanism. Football game is never the show of a single hero, but the stage of unity and reconciliation. Football game never belongs to a country, but belongs to the world. Because of the football, all people focus on Russia in 2018. 

The story of Tsingtao Beer, which tells the new crustal movement by people’s own power, was also recorded by artists Zhou Haohui, Zhuang Yuxing and Mr. Birdman’s oil paintings. The paintings reproduce the scene of football fans all over the world dancing and singing together with the Russian World Cup brand. 



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