Thailand facial mask ad touches a raw nerve: All because you are ugly!

As for people who has the oily skin, every summer is their trouble season. Because they can’t restrain the oil secretion by cleaning or any other way and the big greasy face gradually make them even more despairing. 

The girl in this ad faces the problem as well. She wants to keep the beauty so she can be selected as the captain of school honor guard. But it’s so sad that each her from different period comes in with an oily face, while she encourages herself. 

In order to stop the condition of oil secretion, heroine decides to try any way to avoid sunshine and physical work, then…
Pretend to be sick

Hide in library

Her face is still greasy when she gets a cold. Then self from different period begin to argue about “After all, it’s because you are ugly” (So cruel) .  Suddenly during this time, a beauty mask appears and sticks on her face. Srichand becomes the shot in the locker. 

As Thailand facial mask ad , another is about affair between men and women and absolute authority of financier. 



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