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Wufangzhai Made a Chinese Traditional Paper-Cut Cartoon.


Wufangzhai Made a Chinese Traditional Paper-Cut Cartoon.

Now is the mid-autumn festival, one of the Chinese traditional festivals. Wu Fang Zhai, a famous traditional food brand made a short cartoon of great ingenuity: THE STORT ON BRIDGE.

The content is as follows.

Long long ago, there was a bridge. Butcher Wang lived at the east side of the bridge. He is a tough man. Swordsman Lee lived at the west side of the bridge and he is so arrogant that he always walks with no detour. These two guys are the original straight men in ancient China. One day, they met on the bridge but no one would make a concession. The atmosphere became tense and they finally started to fight. Two hours later, when they were very exhausted, they suddenly saw two little sweet cute ducks passing by. Ducks were so cute that they softened tough guys heart. Butcher Wang and swordsmen Lee decided to settle and share the warm scenery while eating Wu Fang Zhai mooncakes. “Oh, what sweet and cute ducks, what soft and sweet mooncakes”, they said together.


I 'm always soft in my heart

This cartoon is full of Chinese traditional elements. The whole video is presented in the style of paper-cut, an ancient art forms of China, which reminds many people’s nostalgia because so many Chinese cartoons made before the 1990s is in paper-cut style. Moreover, the BGM is played by Chinese traditional instrument XIAO and there is a lot of Beijing opera music mixed in it.

Before the release of the film above, three trailers released by Wu Fang Zhai also interested people very well.

The three trailers seem to be mysterious in the plot, but in fact, they are very straightforward to express the literal meaning, the content is simple but full of suspense. The preheating poster is also the same paper-cut animation style, full of Chinese traditional cartoon style.


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