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Alibaba Debuts an Innovative 11.11 Manifesto Campaign by Fred&Farid, Featuring 30 Different Brands in One


At the 2016 11.11 shopping festival, Alibaba’s ecommerce platforms generated $17.79 billion in gross merchandise volume (GMV) in 24 hours. Alibaba Group's 11.11 Global Shopping Festival has become the world's largest one-day online sale. To support Alibaba’s goal of developing a shopping festival where entertainment, commerce and interactive engagement intersect seamlessly, FRED & FARID created a campaign entirely made from thirty of the world’s most famous advertising taglines.

Here's the full story:

I will (Under Armour) change your destiny (SK-II), you can be anything (Barbie); always in beta (New Balance). It takes courage (Ray-Ban) to be forward thinking (smart), but hey my beauty, my say (Dove).
Capture different (Gopro), ready for more (Converse) because you are worth it (L’Oréal Paris). Life’s good (LG), delighting you always (CANON); Live young (Evian), you got no strings (beats), Just do it (NIKE).
Live in (Levi’s) mad intense (Stride), off the wall (VANS) ways. We break the rule (VIDAL SASSOON), keep walking (JOHNNIE WALKER), and never stop exploring (The North Face).

All brands in 1, All in 1, Tmall.

For other versions, the campaign also includes DJI, Estée Lauder, Gillette, G-Shock, LA MER, Midea, PANTENE, SAMSUNG and Shanghai Disney Resort.

This one-of-a-kind campaign integrates this full-length online film, but also 4 TV Commercials (one 60s and three 30s), an outdoor campaign, and few radio spots all around China.
The beauty of this campaign lies on the fact all these major brands agreed to be among the pool of brands/partners, which truly embraces 11.11’s spirit: “All in one” to celebrate unity, respect diversity, while empowering people. The creative approach was exciting too, with this vignette film illustrating every brand’s spirit, all different but seamlessly united as one by the flow of the voice over; all in one story, all in one platform.
“It’s a beautiful tribute to advertising; it’s an ode to the world’s most emotionally-charged advertising taglines” Fred Raillard, Creative CEO & Co-Founder of FRED & FARID.


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