Successful Launch for Hylink UK

Following its official launch on November 29th 2017, Hylink proudly announced an important collaboration with Harrods and payment provider MyMoney to support the famous Knightsbridge store in launching their WeChat payment system and providing Chinese consumers with more convenient payment methods. Harrods is the first UK retailer to launch the platform on this scale.
Hylink also recently announced new strategic partnerships with the world-renowned British Museum and the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra, helping these two historic brands represent British culture through a new digital presence in China.

The London Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1904, is one of the world’s top symphony orchestras. They have produced over 200 cinematic film scores, including Superman, four Harry Potter and six Star Wars films. Hylink has devised the digital strategy for LSO to build brand awareness in support of their forthcoming tour of China.

Founded in 1753, the British Museum is the most visited museum in the UK and houses one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the world. The gallery includes a broad selection of many of the world's artifacts, treasures and manuscripts. Hylink is driving the digital strategy of the British Museum to develop a social media presence to raise the reach and appeal of the famous institution.

James Hebbert, managing director at Hylink UK commented: “We are honoured at the prospect of helping such prestigious British institutions to raise their profile and appeal amongst Chinese audiences. In this golden era of China-UK relations, these examples of great cultural exchanges can only serve to strengthen the relations between East and West. It is Hylink’s aspiration to continue its role as the conduit for British brands and organisations looking to explore the Chinese market in the future”
Voted the most effective independent advertising agency in the Asia Pacific region with the prestigious Effie Award 2017, Hylink is one of China’s largest, independent full-service digital agencies. The Hylink mission is simple: to creatively bridge the cultural gap in digital marketing between China the UK and the rest of the world. Established during the advent of the Chinese ad industry in the 1990’s, Hylink has grown to 15 offices across China and now a global network in Seoul, LA, New York and London. Hylink’s London office sits in the iconic landmark of The Shard. Facing East, the company is true to its Chinese cultural origins and builds on a deep understanding of the digital Chinese market to help brands become a success story in the world’s fastest growing consumer market – China.


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