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Nike : Here Comes the Sun


“But today we're playing for 7.8 billion people."


You Can't Stop Us

This is a line from Nike's new ad called “You Can't Stop Us”, falls under Nike's latest campaign “Play for the World”. You might have watched this line together with heart-pumping music and striking visuals would make anyone feel they can take on the world or that it’s time to hit the gym or the park and get fit.

In China, there is another version called “Here Comes the Sun”, includes video footage of people working out in their homes, be it in their bedrooms, living rooms or balconies.

Here Comes the Sun

Compared with “You Can't Stop Us”,  “Here Comes the Sun” captures more sweet moments between families and friends.

Doing Yoga with baby or pet.


Dance battle between neighbors on the balcony.


A masseur, also a marathon lover, runs in a limited space, hit a record of accomplishing 66 kilometers in 6 hours by running around his massage table.


There are few athletes in the ad too: Basketball player Allen Guo and Liwei Yang. Football player Shuang Wang.

You Can't Stop Us I Stay strong together to fight with the invisible enemy

You Can't Stop Us Stick to the end on the playground and battleground

You Can't Stop Us Play at home, play for the world

The sun finally comes out, people rush into the fields and playgrounds. Running and jumping under the blue sky. Everything is as good as usual.

It's the reality we all have begun to accept. The virus has altered our way of life but every of us could seek for our own way to fight with it, till it gets better.


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