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The 8 Best XMAS Ads of Year 2020 on Adquan

The year 2020 was a tough one for humanity. We had to reinvent ourselves; we had to stay more isolated in our homes and learn new terms such as social distance.

The world of advertising has been put to the test. Fortunately, the creativity of those in advertising won, and we had the pleasure of seeing a lot of successful commercials this year. And here are eight ads with the highest rating on Adquan by far(December 6, 2020).

 9.0  John Lewis

“Together we can make a big difference”

Every year we will look forward to fantastic creations from John Lewis.Since 2007, John Lewis' Christmas advertisements have never been absent every year, and this year is also coming as scheduled.

Through a series of ordinary and loving daily life clips, the ad is combined into a perfectly connected story of conveying love. When the little girl helps the little boy to win the football stuck in the tree, love seems to be triggered like domino effect, spreading to every corner of the city. The interlocking plots finally return to the scene at the beginning, with the theme "Give a little love, together we can make a big difference" in the end.

 9.0   Xfinity

Santa is also working from home

When working from home is increasingly normal, Xfinity keeps up with the trending with making a scene hat Santa Claus is also forced to operate online.


American comedian Steve Carell stars as Santa Claus and prepares for Christmas this year with the elves through zoom. Due to the lockdown, the elves are unable to help Santa collect gifts as before, so they decide to use drones. In the end, with the remote cooperation of the elves, Santa Claus decide to sending gifts alone this year, while the elves will accompany all the way in front of the screen. At last, there comes the theme of "Togetherness. The greatest gift of all".

 9. Pringles

Chips & Chips

Among all of Christmas advertisements, British Pringles stands out with a series of mini episodes with only 10 seconds,. The short film does not create a warm and loving holiday atmosphere, nor does it overemphasize love or companionship. Instead, it uses a few funny and relaxing clips to show the small blessing in life. It is quite a bit of weird netizens spoofing the video, which pass the holiday theme of "Let's Celebrate" quickly and intuitively.

 9.2  TESCO

It's okay to be naughty.

In the 60-second TVC, Tesco encouraged people not to feel sorry or anxious for those "naughty" behaviors that were affected by covid-19.Cut sisters' hair, store too much toilet paper, have not tutor children with their homework, or even Santa Claus himself is forced to be absent...All of these could be forgiven, because this year is bad enough, so the "naughty list" is invalid. Everyone should put aside these troubles and have a wonderful Christmas. Britney Spears' song "Oops!...I did it again" as the background music also adds a more relaxed and humorous feeling to the short film.

 9.3   Macy's

A girl's day as a father


Almost all of us may have the experience to steal parents' clothes and act like them. Macy's took this as an inspiration into Christmas ad this year, telling a realistic and fantasy story.


A little girl was accidentally "possessed" by her father while her family did not pay attention to putting on her father's shoes. She completely overwhelming the addiction of being a father by this opportunity. After experiencing a day as a father, the little girl realized that her father really needed a pair of warm and comfortable new socks, so her father received the most intimate and practical gift for this Christmas.

The short film continues Macy's consistent Christmas theme "Believe", but the plot direction has changed from the "Wonder" to the more practical "Love". It seems that after experiencing this year, the Christmas advertisements of Macy's have become more "pragmatic", reminding people that it is better to come to Macy's to pick a gift for your family than to believe in miracles.

 9.3   Burberry

Pushing Boundaries


Burberry's holiday advertisements always tend to be complained, at least in China. But this year, Burberry released its yearly Christmas ad Pushing Boundaries. Inspired by the famous Hollywood music film Singin’ in the Rain", the creative team made a short film of the same name by taking on the classics and upping the ante in every regard.


In this short film, four young dancers dressed in Burberry weatherproof apparels and danced freely on the streets of London. Faced with the sudden hailstorm, passers-by fled, but they enjoyed themselves and fearlessly in the streets. Release yourself, evade flexibly, and fight back bravely.

“It’s about that fearless spirit and imagination when pushing boundaries.” According to Burberry officially.

 9.6  Ikea

Ghost stories on Christmas night


IKEA can always find a new angle to attract people's attention among most Christmas ideas. Last year, British IKEA and agency Mother brought a sharp-tongued rap to encourage people to come to IKEA and bring something new to their houses, so people can treat relatives and friends decently when the holidays come. This year, IKEA has launched different Christmas campaigns in different countries around the theme of environmental protection.


The Christmas commercial of IKEA Russia is a short film full of sci-fi and innocence. In the film, the plot setting of wasted food falling from the sky is somewhat similar to a Japanese micro science fiction novel. Family reunion truly is an essential part of Christmas, but at the same time, people should begin to consider the balance between indulgence and wastefulness as they celebrate the festive season.


The idea of IKEA Denmark's Christmas ad is a kind of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ story of what happens when leftover food turns on you. Christmas is a time for feasting and with that comes leftovers. The spot opens on a kitchen, with the ghosts of Christmas leftovers surfacing. As they begin to come together, the ghosts are rumbled by the owners' return from IKEA. With a few useful purchases, they find themselves banished with a simple boo. The spot is currently rolling out across Northern Europe for the holiday (and post-holiday) season. 


 9.6  Microsoft

Two dogs' fantasy


When other brands put the focus of Christmas on people, this year, Microsoft has turned to another essential member of the family-dogs. Because of the covid-19, people spend most of their time at home, as do dogs. Although we can't go out, we can use mobile phones and computers for various entertainment and social connections, but for dogs, the days trapped in homes are too tormenting.


In the Christmas commercial, the dogs want to get their owners' attention, but they are apparently immersed in the games. The lost two looking affectionately at their dog friends across the street through the window. In desperation, the dogs fall in sleep. In their dreams, they frolic through some of its biggest titles and defeat iconic Halo mascot Master Chief.


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