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Snapchat Begins to Borrow Features from Facebook


Source: eMarketer

When Facebook and Instagram are busy mirroring Snapchat on Stories Feature for attracting users to share their moments in their Apps, Snapchat begins to develop a new suite of self-service ad tools similar to Facebook. The self-service ad tool is quite popular among small businesses which help Facebook hit 5 million advertisers last month. Thus, it might be urgent for Snap who goes public recently to develop its own tool to better compete for a bigger share of advertisers' ad budgets.
In fact, it's not the first time for Snapchat to introduce ad capabilities and tools that are similar to those offered by those leading giants, like Facebook and Google. eMarketer principal analyst Cathy Boyle saw that as a natural way for new comers who enter the industry lately."The two companies in particular have set a high bar for any new advertising platform entering the market, particularly in the areas of campaign reach, audience targeting, performance measurement, automated and self-service buying."



By the end of 2017, eMarketer estimates Snapchat’s net digital ad revenues will jump by 163.3%, and growth will remain in the high double digits through 2019.
The new product launched by Snap is called Snapchat Ad Manager. It is designed for the small and medium sized business. It has been adopted by some of them and expected to be popular.
Marketers will be able to buy many Snap's ad formats via it at the beginning of June. The ad formats includes Snap Ads and long-form video, based on targeting—including age, gender and device—as well as bid type, like dynamic CPM and goal-based bidding.
Snapchat's most popular ad format is the sponsored geofilters, which is currently not avaliable for the new tool, but Snap has considered it before and open its API(application programming interface) last month to make it more convenient for marketers to geofilter ads automatically.


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