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5917 2019-02-26 19:06

Hylink Digital Welcomes John Harris, President of Worldwide Partners to Speak in Beijing on Scaling Global Businesses


Hylink Digital will be hosting John Harris, President and Chief Executive Officer of Worldwide Partners (WPI), one of the largest networks of independent advertising agencies in the world with over 70 agencies in more than 40 countries, and Humphrey Ho, Managing Director of Hylink U.S., China’s largest independent digital advertising agency in a candid discussion on internationalizing business offerings and operations. Harris and Howill share insights into the challenges and opportunities facing brand marketers today as they look to effectively implement global marketing principles within a local market context.


As brands navigate the global marketplace, the question of how to organize internal marketing teams and agency resources is becoming increasingly complex. Organizations have been forced to review their practices as local customers expect personalized, relevant, and appropriate reflections of local behaviors and cultures.


Data from the CMO Council, a global network of 15,000+ senior corporate marketing executives, indicates that marketers are more actively seeking specialized skills and local talent to meet regionally-specific demands. Eighty-three percent of marketing leaders surveyed also admitted that they are not looking for assistance in the same places as in years past, as they do not believe they will find the unique skill sets and specialized capabilities in most traditional ad agencies, holding companies, or media buying firms.


Harris and Ho will examine the following topics:

· Significant challenges facing global marketers today

· Balancing the efficicacyof a global marketing strategy within a local market context

· Considerations for Chinese brands as they market their products in other countries

· Marketing mandates for non-Chinese brands activating within China

· The impact of artificial intelligence and other technological advancements on traditional marketing practices

· Advantages of working with independent agencies versus multinational holding company agencies


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